Self Defense Solutions, LLC


As of November 2009 we suspended our Utah CCW class


Soon, we will post information about the new AZ constitutional conceal carry law. We support the effort to return the right of Arizona citizens to carry a firearm openly or discretly at your discretion.


There are still very good reasons to have an AZ CCW permit, but it is not necessary, but some training is highly recommended.

Class Fees

The class fee for either an Arizona

concealed weapon permit is $75.00 Per person


If you desire personalized CCW instruction at your home or other location the fee is $200.00;

include your spouse for an additional $50.00


Advanced CCW Training


Arizona and Utah require certain topics to be covered within the approved time frame. There is just not enough time allowed for the many tactics and skills that you should know. This is a 5 hour range class that covers, but is not limited to:

Dry practice drills
Weak hand shooting

Use of Cover and Concealment

Engaging multiple targets

Emergency and tactical Mag changes

Clearing malfunctions

Moving and shooting

Shooting positions

In-Home Family Firearm Safety Training


FFST is a 3 hour in-home training class for the entire family and is recommended for gun owners with children in the home. Range time is not required, but highly recommended. The introductory fee for the FFST is $150.00

Range time, if requested is $40.00 per hour


The class includes, but is not limited to:

In depth discussion of firearm safety rules

Firearm maintenence

Storage/trigger locks/gun safes

Home defense with a firearm

Home Security Evaluation