Guns and Children:

EDUCATION is the key to reducing firearm accidents by adults as well as children.

REMEMBER THIS: It is not what you know about firearms that will hurt you, it is what you don't know. And what you think you know about firearms is probably wrong!

Firearm Accidents:

Child SafetyThe good news is that accidents can be reduced through education. And not by pretending guns don't exist, or they will go away if we just ignore them. That is not reality.

If you are a parent it is your responsibility to ensure that your children understand the dangers of unsupervised use and handling of firearms. I will come to your home with the training aids to train you how to keep your children safe if they come in contact with a firearm. This training is NOT for the children alone. Both parents MUST participate.

This is important since the parents will have to use what they have learned to continually reinforce the positive behavior you want your child to exhibit around firearms.

At what age should your children learn about firearm safety? As early as possible, or as soon as a child expresses interest in firearms or has started "gun playing". As a parent it is up to you, not someone else, to decide what age is appropriate for your children to learn firearm safety. I can even set up time at a range for those in the family who wish to shoot a firearm under controlled and safe conditions.

Safety Rules for Children:

These are paired with the physical action (multi sensory approach) to assist learning.

Many police departments maintain firearm safety instructors with materials provided through the NRA Eddie Eagle program. The "Eddie Eagle" video tape is frequently available through local libraries.