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Dennis Jackson: NRA No. 81656555

NRA certificates:
Certified Home Firearm Safety
Certified Pistol
Personal Protection In The Home
NRA Range Safety Officer #161552928

I have been an NRA certified instructor for nearly 10 years and was certified by the state of Arizona to teach conceal carry in 2002.

I am a retired commercial airline pilot with 35 total years in commercial aviation and flight instructing. I am a Legacy member of Front Sight Firearms Academy and have taken several handgun courses from them and other schools to keep my skills up to date to assist you in becoming the best you can be.

As a lifelong gun owner firearm safety has always been a concern to me and it was this interest that drew me to this vocation. With the growing number of firearms in the hands of citizens and the greater opportunity for children to come in contact with them the services must exist to encourage and promote the rules of proper and safe firearm handling. In addition, potential victims must learn the proper techniques for applying the use of force in defense of themselves and third persons with a firearm, if that is their choice of weapon.

I developed an interest in firearm safety from an incident in the Phoenix, AZ area several years ago. There were two boys aged 13 and 14. They were best friends. One of them found a 9mm pistol and even not knowing whether it was loaded or not the two started playing with it. One of the boys wanted his turn and reached out and grabbed the muzzle end of the barre and pulled. The reflex of the other boy was to resist that action by tightening his grip on the gun thereby releasing the trigger. The youngest boy died of a gun shot wound to his chest and the lives of two families was forever changed in that instant of carelessness and lack of knowledge.

It is not only the responsibility of gun owners to secure their weapons we should also, as responsible parents and adults, make sure that children learn the appropriate behavior around firearms.

I am looking forward to seeing you in one of my classes.

In Peace and Freedom,




Conceal carry permit training for Arizona and Utah*, and;

Our small class sizes will enhance your learning experience. Classes can be custom designed for the busy executive or the harried housewife.


Four students is the best combination for the size of the classroom and to facilitate learning.


Classroom training is generally conducted in my office and range training is conducted at the training bays at Rio Salado Sportsman's club.


For your convenience we can come to your home or office to conduct the classroom portion of the training. Offsite training will have a higher fee. Ask for a quote.


Training in your home is the best scenario for families with small children who are looking for firearm safety training for the entire family.


*For combined AZ and UT permit training 4 hours must be added to the training time to allow time to cover differences in the state laws.